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Thursday Thought: Cost and Gain

There’s a story in the book of John that I absolutely love. Like all the gospels and their recounting of Jesus’ life, it’s a powerful reminder of what it takes to follow God and what we have to lose. In John 9, Jesus comes across a man who has
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Thursday Thought: The False Percent

Obstacles and hardships are not just a possibility in life, but an absolute certainty. That’s just a fact of life. Life is going to be hard. We just know it. I remember my mom once blithely saying “Life is dangerous! No one makes it out alive!”, a
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Thursday Thought: Rest in the Now

No one, and I mean no one, likes the feeling of helplessness. There isn’t anybody who wakes up first thing in the morning feeling helpless and thinks “Aw yeah! This is awesome!”. It just doesn’t happen. The sensation of being weak or helpless is
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