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Hello everyone! We are just two short weeks away from The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Acorn going on preorder (which I am perfectly calm about and not overly excited about at all. Nope.). I know we’ve all talked about the world of Captain Acorn, but now I want to give you a little sneak peek into the book itself so you know exactly what you’re getting into. In this scene, Acorn and her first mate, Pounce, are diving for underwater treasure. Acorn is also suffering from a wicked headache, which makes for an interesting situation since Pounce is not the best animal at keeping her voice low or paying attention. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into the world of Acorn and her friendship with her first mate!

Captain Acorn quickly strode past her first mate into the outer chamber of the Little Acorn. Pounce followed behind in confusion but said nothing more about it and sealed the door behind them. Once inside the chamber, Acorn gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to Pounce, who was still looking very confused but hit the release button anyway. The chamber slowly filled with water and in a minute to two animals opened the outer door and they were swimming freely on the ocean floor.

“CAPTAIN ACORN? COME IN CAPTAIN ACORN.” Pounce’s voice pounded through her ears and the microphone made another screeching sound.

“You’re coming in loud and clear.” Acorn said, and then added to herself “emphasis on the loud…”

“ROGER THAT CAPTAIN. WE ARE APPROACHING THE CAVE.” Pounce bellowed. It seemed that Pounce wasn’t really trusting the intercom system in the suits and was making her voice louder as an extra measure to be sure her captain could hear her. The technology was working fine, however, which meant that Pounce was yelling everything in Acorn’s ear through a sensitive, high-quality sound system.

“Yes, Pounce. I can see that.” Acorn groaned.


“Quiet awe, Pounce. Remember the quiet awe.” Acorn pleaded.

“YES OF COURSE CAPTAIN! SORRY!” Pounce replied in a whispery sounding voice that still came through the microphone as shouting. Acorn gave a heavy sigh and would have likely clapped her paw over her face if the suit had allowed.

The two animals carefully entered the cave and turned on their flashlights. Even that sudden light made Acorn’s head pound more fiercely than ever and she wondered if she was seeing the flashlight beam or little stars. Pounce continued to whisper at a full volume without ceasing, so Acorn could never get a word in to ask if her first mate was seeing the stars too, or if that was just her.

Stay tuned! In two weeks you’ll be able to order the whole book and get the rest of Captain Acorn’s adventures in your hands! I can’t wait for you to meet this adventurous little squirrel!

Let’s find some joy,


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